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SC proclaims Antipolo as new San Antonio, Zambales mayor

Zambales: The Supreme Court ordered the proclamation of Estela Antipolo as the new mayor of San Antonio Zambales replacing current mayor Romeo Lonzanida after voiding his certificate of candidacy (COC).

The order was based on the resolution of the Comission on Elections dated Feb 2, 2011 ordering the cancelation f Lonzanida’s COC.

By voiding the COC of Lonzanida the SC said that vote for him was considered stray votes.

“Lonzanida’s disqualification is two-pronged. He violated the constitutional fiat on the three-term limit; and as early as Dec. 1, 2009, he is known to have been convicted for 10 counts of falsification of public documents,” the Comelec resolution said.

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